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WFPHA Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic






Professor Bettina Borisch talking about the statement.

Now is The Time!

COVID-19 makes visible all the inequalities and dysfunctions in our health and welfare systems. It shows that health is a common global good and not a commodity. Now is the time to support multilateralism, to strengthen international organization and their financing as well as governance, it is time to work on international health regulations again, it is time to explain Universal Health Coverage (UHC), it is time to Leave No One Behind, it is time to have health literacy promoted, it is time to see our common overarching interests. It is time to communicate openly and continuously to all of the public, to the leadership as well as to the different levels of politics. COVID-19 shows us that Public Health is core.

Prof. Bettina Borisch,

WFPHA Executive Director

Full Statement is available here.



The WFPHA's Response                                                                                                                         



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28 April 2020 - Open Letter to The United Nations: Call for The Establishment of a Multi-sector "Global Health Equity Task Force" to Confront The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Full Letter with List of Institutions is available here.

List of Individual signing the Letter is available here.

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23 April 2020 - WFPHA Has Endorsed The InterAction Council’s Global Responsibilities and an Emergency Framework for Countries and Communities

Full Document is available here.



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17 April 2020 - WFPHA Press Release: Urge The Government of The USA to Reconsider President Trump’s Decision on WHO

Full Document is available here.



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14 April 2020 - Call for a Coordinated, Equitable, and Human Rights-based Global Response to COVID-19

Full Call is available here.



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18 March 2020 - Letter to Prof. Walter Ricciardi Expressing Support for the Efforts of Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SITI), and Health Workers in Italy to Prevent, Contain, and Manage COVID-19

Full Letter is available here.


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26 February 2020 - Letter to Chinese Preventive Medicine Association: Expressing Support for Efforts to Prevent, Contain and Manage COVID-19

Full Letter is available here.







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3 Webinars: COVID-19 and The Role of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Emergency Dental Care





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Photo Contest: COVID-19 and Its Challenges in Your Country

More information is available here.






Last Update 17 May 2020.

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