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The adoption of a health in all policies approach for every country, and for the development of immunization policies to guarantee the public’s health and prevent the spread of disease has been core advocacy for the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) for many years. To enhance such advocacy efforts and to expand their reach, the WFPHA has developed an “International Immunization Policy Taskforce” of key global experts on vaccination policies. The Taskforce will engage with public health associations, international organizations and like-minded partners to sustain the development, adoption and implementation of key vaccination policies internationally and at the country level. 

To achieve this aim, the WFPHA’s Taskforce will meet quarterly to convene on policy matters and collaborate with other senior healthcare professionals and major organizations. The Taskforce will meet electronically and at both the upcoming World Health Assembly and the World Congress on Public Health.

Simultaneously, the WFPHA will be running a series of policy webinars to advance public health policies on vaccination among senior healthcare professionals to enhance their expertise, skills and tools to advocate in their countries and globally. These webinars will focus on key topics relevant to national and international vaccination policy including, but not limited to, a focus on vaccine uptake, resistance and enforcement. The webinars will also cover immunization throughout the life course, global vaccination challenges, and vaccination advocacy. 




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