National public health associations that wish to apply for membership are asked to review WFPHA’s Constitution and By-Laws and the Membership information contained in this section of the website to be sure that they are qualified for membership.

Before applying to become members they should check their availabiliy to cover WFPHA's membership fees.

After reviewing the information, the association should complete the Membership Application form. Upon completion, this form should be returned to the International Office. Please note that the deadline for submitting a membership application is March 1st (or 3 months before the World Congress of Public Health).

WFPHA Membership Categories & Assessment for support of the WFPHA 

Full Member associations shall contribute to the support of the WFPHA in the following amounts:
Large Membership = >500 members
Small Membership = <500 members
National Sustaining Members will be requested to pay 50% of the full member fee
Regional & International Sustaining Members will be requested to pay 500 USD
Student Associations to be considered Category C2

Membership Fees for WFPHA Members

High level Economies

A 1

Large membership countries

5'000 USD


Small membership countries

2'500 USD

Emerging Economies (BRICS)


1'000 USD

Growing Economies


Large membership countries

500 USD


Small membership countries

250 USD


Associate Member: US$100.00 per year.

Student Association are considered Category C2.

Partners are mutually waived.

Regional Member: Regional members pay no fees. Regional members may pay the sum of the annual flat rates of its members or of selected members jointly and determine procedures through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation.

In the high level economies, when there is a 2nd or 3rd association in a country  (e.g. Germany and UK) WFPHA can accept 50% or 33% of the full high income country fee (e.g. 1,500 USD instead of 5,000) paid by each of these associations.

The Council may reduce or waive membership dues in specific circumstances with due reason given, such as disaster or economic crisis in a specific country, or when in addition to national public health associations a national umbrella public health association is a member of WFPHA and multiple payments for their individual members are to be avoided.

The Council may also give a dispensation from paying monetary dues if the member agrees in writing to provide to the Federation a comparable in-kind contribution. These decisions are to be reviewed tri-annually by the Council.

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