The World Federation of Public Health Associations undertakes several projects in the field of global public health. These projects, which are all led by the efforts of WFPHA Member Associations, provide important opportunities for our Members to be involved in various ways including: organizing workshops; circulating petitions; coordinating health promotion campaigns; and forging new partnerships with other global health groups. We encourage our Members to become involved in the ongoing projects listed below and to also propose new project areas to which WFPHA may become involved.
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It is important to note that while WFPHA receives some outside funding, most projects, current or new, require additional external resources. As such, Members are also encouraged to consider project proposals that include possible funding sources.
WFPHA’s projects are designed to promote effective public health policies and practices throughout the world every day. If you or your organization would like to support our efforts please contact the International Office, to discuss making a contribution to WFPHA.
Currently, WFPHA has projects aligned with Global Charter for the Public's Health framework supported by Colgate Palmolive and Pfizer. Global Child Dental Fund supports the projects of the Oral Health Working Group.
To have insight on the project supported by Colgate Palmolive, please contact us.

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To have insight on the project supported by Pfizer, please contact us.

To have insight on the project supported by Global Child Dental Fund, click here.

Projects Overview 

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