Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to joining the membership of the World Federation of Public Health Associations. WFPHA Members enjoy such opportunities as collaborating with large international health agencies, forging partnerships with other national public health associations and health agencies, attending international public health meetings, and authoring new international health policies. Some of these benefits are described more specifically below.

1. Participation

  • membership in the only civil society international federation representing the global community of public health associations and allied bodies with official recognition by the World Health Organization, the membership of which includes over 60 national public health associations from six continents
  • membership of an international forum for public health
  • possibility of hosting the WFPHA World Congress of Public Health, the only event of its kind
  • contribute at the international level to discussions about priority global public health issues
  • involvement in WFPHA surveys, proposal development and projects
  • participation in and a vote at the annual WFPHA General Assembly
  • eligibility to sit on WFPHA Executive Board and Committees
  • access to technical resources for PHA organizational and programmatic development

2. Networking

  • Liaison with WHO, PAHO and other multilateral organizations and with other international health-related federations and associations (eg, the World Medical Association, the International Nursing Council)
  • Exclusive email contact information for WFPHA Members from around the world
  • Provide articles to and receive the WFPHA Newsletter
  • Access to “Members-only” section of WFPHA website
  • Priority participation at regional WFPHA meetings and workshops

3. Advocacy

  • participation in the formulation of WFPHA position statements
  • participation in WFPHA Working Groups
  • possibility of representing WFPHA at national and international fora
  • possibility of contributing an article to WFPHA section of Journal of Public Health Policy


Please note that the WFPHA is NOT a funding agency and that solicitations for funds will not be accepted nor responded to.

Terms and Conditions

Member associations shall contribute to the support of the WFPHA in the following amounts:

1. Full and Associate members pay an annual flat rate based on the country income and number of members for each association. Based on recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Council will determine the rates for the following year and present them to the General Assembly for acceptance.

A table of the rates is available on the WFPHA website.

1b. Regional members may pay the sum of the annual flat rates of its members or of selected members jointly and determine procedures through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation.

The Council may reduce or waive membership dues in specific circumstances with due reason given, such as disaster or economic crisis in a specific country, or when in addition to national public health associations a national umbrella public health association is a member of WFPHA and multiple payments for their individual members are to be avoided.

The Council may also give a dispensation from paying monetary dues if the member agrees in writing to provide to the Federation a comparable in-kind contribution. These decisions are to be reviewed tri-annually by the Council.

2. Regional Member: Regional members pay no fees.

3. Sustaining Member: National Sustaining Members, Regional & International Sustaining Members and Student Associations are requested to pay according to the system described in article X, point 1.

5. Partner: Mutual membership fees are reciprocally waived.

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