Who we are:

WFPHA, leading the quest for a healthy global society since 1967



Right to Health Health is a fundamental human right and a public good
Social Justice, Solidarity & Equity
Fairness and elimination of health disparities
Diversity, Inclusion and Non-discrimination A global public health perspective that includes diverse social and cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability
Partnerships Collaboration at all levels, from community to global, as a basis for mutual learning and capacity building
Ethical Conduct Mutual trust and respect, collegiality and integrity



Goal 1 Advocate for health equity and global policies to improve the health of populations
Goal 2 Promote, support and strengthen member associations
Goal 3 Develop and advance public health practice, education, training and research
Goal 4 Grow new and strengthen existing partnerships with groups and individuals who share our values
Goal 5 Build an effective, responsive and sustainable WFPHA


WFPHA Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Advocate for health equity and global policies to improve the health of populations

Intended Outcomes:

  • Prioritize vulnerable groups (women, children, displaced and elderly) in all our work
  • Health equity as a major focus of each World Congress of Public Health (WCPH)
  • All member organizations display the Global Charter on their websites
  • One trained/designated Health Equity Champion in at least 25% of member organizations, of which 10% in LMIC
  • A finalized WFPHA policy and advocacy toolkit that is customized for use in different geographical and political contexts and settings
  • At least one dedicated joint WFPHA/WHO session on health equity at the World Health Assembly attended by policy-makers from WHO member states


  • Nurture and continue collaboration with WHO
  • Support working groups and ensure that health equity and improved population health are cross-cutting issues for all
  • Implement digital campaign on importance of reducing health inequities
  • Encourage the implementation of the Global Charter in different geographical settings
  • Investigate seed funding as incentive for Global Charter Implementation
  • Develop annual reporting framework on implementation of the Charter for completion by all member organizations
  • Encourage members’ active participation in coalitions or advocacy initiatives towards the achievement of the SDGs
  • Develop Webinar on public health advocacy for health equity
  • Encourage shift of good public health laws, policies and practices among members

Goal 2: Promote, support and strengthen member associations

Intended Outcomes:

  • Existing national public health associations that are full members maintain their status and remain active in 2022
  • Functional regional networks established in all WHO regions
  • At least 20% of full member organizations report on practical networking or collaborative activity with 2 or 3 member associations that advance WFPHA goals
  • Each active working group is representative of students and young professionals, geographical area and gender
  • One trained/designated Health Equity Champion in at least 25% of all member organizations, of which 10% should be in LMIC countries


  • Develop list of generic resource materials and tools that are applicable across geographical settings and country contexts
  • Post resources on WFPHA website
  • Actively encourage use of resource materials and tools by member associations
  • Set up task team to explore an approach to strengthening PHAs, including technical and resources support, with special focus on LMICs
  • Organize activities with partners or members at global or regional levels (at least one per year)
  • Explore appropriate forums and/or approaches for sharing of and learning from good practices among member organizations (e.g. at General Assembly)
  • Sporting working groups by exploring modest financial or technical support and increasing mixed representativeness more members from LMIC, more women and young professionals
  • Explore virtual two-way mentoring program involving Governing Council or Advisory Board members and young professionals/students
  • Ensure representation of young women in governing structures and involvement of young professionals

Goal 3: Develop and advance public health practice, education, training and research

Intended Outcomes:

  • Use the Global Charter as a public health and educational framework
  • Enhanced discourse on public health education training and practice
  • Explore multi-country collaborative research initiatives between WFPHA members, Schools of Public Health or public health academics/researchers
  • Students and Young Professionals Working Group or special interest group established in at least one third of national public health associations
  • Increase engagement of students and young professionals in public health conferences


  • Include dedicated sessions on public health education/training, practice competences and research within the WCPH, as well as at regional and national conferences
  • Conduct meetings and identify key joint initiatives with key officials from regional associations from public health schools and global/regional networks of public health institutes
  • Establish, re-build and foster partnerships between national PHAs, Academic Institutions of Public Health and National Governments
  • Continue publication of relevant articles in JPHP
  • Support the existing initiative of the Association of Schools of Public Health to develop key competencies and a possible accreditation framework for the region
  • Encourage participation of students and young professionals in their national PHAs
  • Increase accessibility of national public health conferences and the WCPH for students and young professionals, particularly from LMIC

Goal 4: Grow new and strengthen existing partnerships with groups or individuals who share our values

Intended Outcomes:

  • New collaboration with WHO at Headquarters in Geneva
  • Develop collaborative or joint activities with WFPHA partners
  • Plan strategic meetings between WFPHA regional structures/its partner WHO region and with WFPHA key partners and supporters (at least one per year)


  • Nurture and continue collaboration with WHO at Headquarters in Geneva
  • Identify and meet with key stakeholders in WHO
  • Contact President partners and request strategic meetings
  • Encourage chairs of regional WFPHA structures to meet with relevant WHO country directors and/or key partners

Goal 5: Build and effective, efficient responsive and sustainable WFPHA

Intended Outcomes:

  • WFPHA to be recognized and known as a global voice for public health
  • Visible WFPHA brand established in social media and other communication channels
  • Have at least 50% of member organizations who have participated in the Webinar on public health advocacy or have held a dedicated workshop on advocacy
  • Sustainable multi-year funding
  • Dedicated staff member responsible for communication and advocacy
  • Establishing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework
  • Meet corporate governance standards for non-governmental organizations
  • New partnership with foundations, corporations and potential donors in line with WFPHA fundraising and sponsorship policy


  • Develop annual electronic calendar of Federation and member organizations’ major strategic activities
  • Develop guidelines for; 1) A user-friendly governance trough clear accountability mechanism; 2) Reporting of M&E framework deadlines and annual review of the Strategic Plan; 3) A Digital Communication Strategy, including updated web platform, in support of the Strategic Plan
  • Improve internal functioning trough orientation and governance training of all new GC members, clear outline of roles and responsibilities, review of GC and AB meetings structure
  • Facilitate engagement and/or participation of students, young professionals and member organizations in the Federation’s endeavors
  • Set up task team to develop fund-raising and sustainability strategies linked to the Strategic Plan
  • Revitalize and invest in the WFPHA website to support our strategic intentions, build the brand and to work to our advantage

To read the WFPHA Strategic Plan click here.

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