The World Federation of Public Health Associations offers unpaid internships in the International Office in Geneva, Switzerland. 

WFPHA offers a unique environment for an internship for students in international health and development. Interns are given substantial responsibility for performing activities such as researching and writing articles for the newsletter, establishing contact with health and development NGOs around the world, planning international conferences, and fundraising. Each internship is structured to suit the needs and interests of the intern, such as working on an individual research assignment, as well as the requirements of WFPHA. Interns may have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of WFPHA policy resolutions or papers, depending on circumstances.

During the course of the internship, the intern will further develop his/her writing and research skills and become more familiar with the key issues and actors in international health and development. They will have extensive networking opportunities as WFPHA is an international NGO in official relations with WHO, and has extensive contacts with other organizations worldwide. No travel opportunities will be provided.

General Guide for Interns in Geneva


Internships are offered to current graduate students with strong academic backgrounds and an interest in global public health.  Applicants should possess strong writing and research skills. In addition, applicants should be able to work fairly independently and ideally be knowledgeable about the major issues in the field of global health.


Opportunities for internships are available year round and can be developed for a 3-4 month period, an academic semester, or a full year.  


WFPHA internships are unpaid.  The organization does not cover re-location expenses and does not sponsor international student visas.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send your CV and motivation letter, specifying your availability, to E. De Cata.

Current WFPHA Interns

photo Lauraphoto Laura

 Laura Bante

My name is Laura, I have recently graduated from the Bachelor in International Relations at the University of Geneva. My final thesis titled “The status of the Right to Food in International Law and its National Justiciability” made me become familiar with existing international norms and jurisprudence regulating people’s livelihood. This study deepened my interest to work for international health and nutrition. Before continuing my academic path with a Master in International Public Affairs, I am grateful to have the opportunity to gain practical experience in international health advocacy as an Intern at the WFPHA. The global network of national public health associations WFPHA created fascinates me, I am very much looking forward to engaging with WFPHA in its communication strategies, policy resolutions and research papers to improve public health on a global scale.


photo mephoto me

                                                                                                          Megan Williamson 

My Name is Megan Williamson, I am a graduate student in communication from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. I was born in Geneva but decided to leave my hometown to do my bachelor’s degree in another country. I will be doing an internship at the WFPHA during the next six months. My interest in health issues rose four years ago when I was offered the opportunity to take part in a humanitarian mission in Ambanja, Madagascar. I assisted a medical team from the Hôpitaux Universitaire de Genève, whose goal was to promote and implement the value of smear tests for women, to prevent them from developing cervical cancer. Spending one month in this underdeveloped region allowed me to gain insight on a very different health system than the one I was used to. This experience particularly aroused my concern about the importance of providing access to quality health care for populations. This involves establishing sustainable health policies, which is a field the WFPHA is very active in. Being able to learn the functioning of an international public health organisation like WFPHA is a great opportunity for me to gain hands on training in field I feel passionate about. This is why I am looking forward to helping the Federation in communicating about their projects and advocating to promote primary health care equity.


Sai AashirvadSai Aashirvad

Konda Sai Aashirvad

I am Sai Aashirvad from India. I am currently a student of Masters in international affairs at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. During the course of my studies, I came across case studies and debates related to the domain of public health. According to me, Global health is one of those sectors which gained wide attention in recent days and emerged as a domain where civil society’s role and involvement in the governance is becoming prominent. In order to gain experience in the field of public health policy and civil society engagement with international organizations, I decided to be a part of WFPHA. WFPHA offers unique opportunities to learn about sustainable public health policies and some classic public health heroes and stories through a series of interactions called “Heroes of Public Health”. As a passionate person to advance career in international organizations, this internship is an insightful experience. 


                                                                                                             Jemma BridgePhoto GemmaPhoto Gemma

My name is Gemma Bridge. I am PhD student at Leeds Beckett University in the UK. In my thesis I am investigating the use of corporate political activity (CPA) tactics and non-government organisation (NGO) advocacy strategies during the development of the UK’s Soft Drink industry Levy (SDIL). I am also interested in how the soft drink industry has responded to the SDIL in terms of reformulation, marketing and product size changes of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs), and what purchase and consumption changes have occurred in the general public.
 In September I started an internship with the WFPHA oral health working group. In this role I am investigating the global spread of soft drink taxes, and how revenue from the taxes is being used. I am currently in the process of identifying key contacts in each country where a tax has been implemented and hope to develop a repository of information on the use of tax revenue. During this internship I am also interested in advocating for the use of tax revenue for oral health improvement, especially in minority groups where overall health is typically poorer.
 Since starting my internship I have already learnt a lot about the complexities of policy development, public health promotion and communication between countries. I am looking forward to delving deeper into international health policy and the methods and techniques that can be employed to improve population oral and overall health.

Maria Vittoria Terni

Photo Maria VittoriaPhoto Maria Vittoria


My name is Maria Vittoria Terni, I am a second-year student at the Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations at Bocconi University, in Milan, where I also got my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. During my academic career I had the occasion to take experiences abroad, particularly I went to Chile and India. Both these experiences allow me to raise my awareness of the inequalities that still are present in the world and a deep passion for developing countries started growing inside me. I have just finished an internship at Project for People Onlus, an international cooperation NGO settled in Milan that works in India, Benin and Brazil. We worked together on the big problem of malnutrition among children in Benin, and we designed a project for the prevention of the same with the cooperation of a local NGO. In that moment, I understood that the issue of Global Health was becoming very important to me. When I discovered the occasion to become an intern at the WFPHA, I decided to apply immediately. WFPHA represents to me the opportunity to extend my knowledge in Global Health and to take part at the advocacy activities to reach a better healthcare system in low-income countries. This adventure with the WFPHA has just started and I am the new member of the interns’ team, but I can not wait to see the developments of my contribution at the WFPHA!

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