Policy Committee

The WFPHA policy committee is responsible to consider the policy resolution from WFPHA Members to be adopted by the annual General Assembly. 

The current members are: Ildefonso Hernández Aguado – Chairperson (Spain), Michael Moore (Australia), Luis Eugenio Portela De Souza (Brazil), Deborah Walker (USA), Tareq Salahuddin (Bangladesh), Peter Orris (USA), Jorid Grimeland (Norway), Thomas Piggott (Canada) and Alyson Lofthouse (USA).

For more information, read the Guidance on Development of Policy or contact the Policy Committee Chair.

Please notice that the resolutions should be submitted at latest 3 months before the General Assembly through the on line system by clicking on the banner "Call for resolutions" below.

Endorsement requests should be addressed to the WFPHA International Office and to the Policy Committee Chair  at least 7 days before the endorsement deadline. For more information, click here to download the Endorsement policy or contact the Policy Committee Chair.

Finance, Fundraising and Risk Management Committee

The Finance, Fundraising and Risk Management Committee was established in December 2009, overseas the Federation’s financial affairs. It produces quarterly financial reports to the Governing Council and works in close collaboration with the Treasurer to produce the annual financial report and audit statement.

The current members are: Laetitia Rispel – Chairperson (South Africa), Awel Mezgebe Setargew (Ethiopia), Mika Gissler (Finland), Bettina Borisch (Switzerland), Georges Benjamin (United States), Ricciardi Walter (Italy), Mengistu Asnake (Ethiopia), Marta Lomazzi (Italy).

For more information, please contact the International Office.

Membership, Nominations and Awards Commitee

The purposes of the WFPHA's Membership and Nominations and Awards Commitee are:

- to enhance the membership of the Federation through strategies to recruit new countries and to ensure membership renewal.

- to review any applications that WFPHA receives from national public health associations seeking membership with WFPHA and important Public Health Associations in countries already represented in the WFPHA membership. After review of the applications received, the general membership votes on the acceptance of the applicant associations, which are qualified for membership at the Annual Meeting.

- to oversee the nomination and vetting of WFPHA Member representative nominees to fulfill leadership roles among WFPHA's Officers, Governing Council, and Committees. It evaluates the suitability of the candidates and makes recommendations to the Governing Council and the General Assembly. This committee also oversees the nomination and selection process every three years for candidates nominated to receive the Federation's three awards: the Hugh R. Leavell Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Organizational Excellence Award.

A. Huge Leavell Award - list of past awardees:

Hugh R. Leavell Award
Year Recipient/Lecturer  
1979 Dr. Kenneth K.S. Dadzie Director-General for Development and International Economic Cooperation/UNCTAD
1981 Dr. James Grant Executive Director - UNICEF
1984 Dr. Cicely D. Williams First Director of Mother and Child Health (MCH) at WHO
1987 Dr. Abraham Horwitz Professor of Preventive Medicine (Chile) and Doctor Emeritus of the PAHO
1991 Dr. Nafis Sadik Director General United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
1994 Prof. Elim Salim Minister of State for Population and the Environment
1997 Dr. A.O. Lucas Adjunct Professor of International Health, Harvard University School of Public Health
2000 Dr. Zafrullah Chowdury Founder & Executive Director, Gonoshasthaya Kendra (Bangladesh)
2004 Prof. Ilona Kickbusch Director of the Global Health Programme, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva (Switzerland)
2006 Dr. Paulo Buss President, FIOCRUZ Foundation, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2009 Professor Ayşe Akin Professor, School of Public Health, Baskent University, Ankara (Turkey)
2012 Dr. Reda Tekle Haimanot Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
2015 Dr. Vishvas Chaudry Deputy Chief Medical Officer, RCH, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India)
2017 Prof. Mike Daube Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University, and Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth


Organizational Excellence Award – list of past awardees:

WFPHA Organizational Excellence Award
2004 The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)
2006 ABRASCO (Brazil)
2009 Not awarded
2012 AMREF (Kenya)
2015 Hanoi School of Public Health (Vietnam)
2017 Medecines Sans Frontieres (Australia)


Lifetime Achievement Award - list of past awardees:

2009 Prof. Ihsan Dogramaci (Turkey)
2012 Margaret Hilson (Canada)
2015 Dr. Theodor Abelin (Switzerland)
2017 Prof. Peter Orris (United States)


This Committee is also in charge to review membership applications and is responsible for making recommendations regarding the status of a Member that has failed to keep its dues-paying commitments.

National public health associations that wish to apply for membership are asked to review WFPHA's Constitution and By-Laws and the membership information to be sure that they are qualified for membership and complete the membership application form. Applications should be returned to the office of the International Office.

The Members of this committee are: The WFPHA Immediate Past President is ex-officio the Chair of the Membership and Nominations and Awards Commitee. Its current Members are: Michael Moore AM – Chairperson (Australia) and Ulrich Laaser (Germany).

Bids Evaluation Committee

The Bids evaluation committee is responsible to evaluate the applications submitted by WFPHA members to host the World Congress on Public Health.

To read the Terms of References of the Bids Evaluation Committee please click here.

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